3 Great Reasons To Join Color Street Now

If you’ve been seriously thinking about joining Color Street, you’ll want to do it now and here are few reasons why.

  1. Color Street is about to go International! Yes, we’ll be launching in Canada on 8-9-21. I am so beyond excited about this and I think it will be an amazing opportunity for both countries. AND the first 8500 New Canadian stylists who join Color Street will also receive the exclusive “Bonjour, Canada!” nail strip in their kit! Not available for purchase and while supplies last.
  2. There’s been a recent policy change where Color Street will NO LONGER deactivate Stylists who have not Bonus Qualified (BQ)($300 USD in sales) in a 6 month period. The caveat is that a Stylist who does not achieve BQ Status within a 6 month period will have their downline (team) rolled up to their Sponsor. This is in fairness to his/her team so they have an upline who is vested in the business. The stylist will still be responsible for the $9.95/month website/resource fee. But I think this is a huge game changer and many more stylists will now be able to keep their active status even if they are unable to “work” the business.
  3. We are fast approaching the time of year which is usually the best time for shoppers & shopping alike. Color Street’s Fall 2021 collection will also be launching in August. Next is Halloween which believe it or not is normally my biggest holiday. After that is “The” Holiday season.

Please review the Income Disclosure(s) Statement below for both the US and Canada.

To enroll click here: https://www.colorstreet.com/mjtroche/enrollment
Please email me with questions: mjtroche@gmail.com
Join my Facebook Canada VIP group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cswelcomescanada

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