Color Street Nails – How To Remove

You’ve applied your first set of Color Street nail polish strips or you’ve tried a free sample (aka – two finger tester) and you were sooooo excited about putting them on and how awesome they look that you didn’t think about taking them off? Oh wait, that was me. I’m not making assumptions about you, but in case you are wondering about how to remove your stunning new Color Street nails, simply put, it’s the same way you would remove regular nail polish – with nail polish remover. This is because Color Street is 100% nail polish in the form of a strip.

Here are a couple different methods I’ve tried along with some info.

 1.) Non-acetone remover, you can find one on Amazon for around $12. I’ve used this one and I liked it. Nail Polish Remover – Natural and Plant Based – Non Acetone – Conditioner and Strengthener for Nails. Pros – easy on your nails, Cons – a little harder to get the polish off – you will have to scrub and or soak your nails, also a little pricier. It’s a trade off.

2.) Pure acetone remover – Walmart carries this brand: ONYX Professional 100% pure acetone nail polish remover. Pros – it’s pretty inexpensive, I have a big bottle that has lasted forever and it gets the job done quickly. Cons – pure acetone is not the best for your nails. Again it’s a trade off.

3.) Regular nail polish remover with acetone and conditioners. You can grab these just about anywhere. This falls somewhere in between 1 and 2 in both pros and cons.

4.) Lastly there are dip and twist type polish removers. I’ve tried one similar to the one pictured. You just dip your finger in the jar and let soak and scrub a bit. These work well for giving your nails a bit of a scrub and soak at the same time. Pros – most have conditioners added to help protect your nails and work well for removing harder to remove polish such as glitters. Cons – Can be a bit pricey and most also have acetone.

One other thing I wanted to mention are the nail soaking clips. I also purchased these from Amazon, they are very inexpensive but they came from overseas and took a long time to arrive. Basically you soak a small piece of cotton with the remover of your choice put it inside the clip and it helps you soak your nail. I would NOT use these with pure acetone 1.) there is no need 2.) I think it would be bad for your nails. I would use with #1, the natural polish remover.

As you can see, there are several choices for removing your Color Street nail strips. I recommend experimenting and choosing the one that you are comfortable with and feel is right for you. All of the above suggestions work, some better than others, some with caveats.

Most of all, enjoy your new Color Street nails because they are grogeous and wonderfully diverse with styles, colors, designs, and glitters for every occasion. They will make you feel confident and put together in no time at all without having to spend time and money at the salon.

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