Color Street’s Set In Stone

Color Street’s newest mini collection is called Set In Stone and it’s already a huge hit.  It features 5 stunning news shades inspired by semi precious stones. They are Ultraviolet Agate, a shimmer amethyst, Mystic Marble, a black and white marble frost, a Blushing Rose Quartz shimmer, Mojave Turquoise, a southwestern sky blue frost, and Deepwater Opal, a stunning navy and iridescent glitter.

The mini collections are not restocked and once they are sold out they are gone for good. If you love these, grab them now. They won’t last. Click here to see them on the website and shop.
And don’t worry about which ones to choose. Most customers get one of each. Don’t forget they are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

Send an email to or join the VIP group.

For info on the amazing Color Street opportunity and what it can do for you click here.

Shopping link: shop

If you don’t see what you want shoot me an email: I can check my on hand stock for you.


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