Reasons to Host a Color Street Party (Nail Bar), Party Host Rewards, Qualifying Party

Well there are actually a lot of reasons why you may want to host a Color Street Party aka Nail Bar.

They are super flexible

  1. You can do an in home nail bar. But keep in mind they are not like old-fashioned parties you may be thinking about. Parties these days are FUN!
  2. You can host an on-the-go Nail Bar. Color Street nail strips are light and very portable. So no need to worry about cleaning your house, serving food etc. Frankly that would stress me out just a little (ok probably a lot). But on-the-go means you can host it just about anywhere – your local coffee shop, restaurant, the lunch room at the office – you get the picture. The best part about this is that they are more like a girl’s get together while having fun trying nail strips, shopping and have a snack or coffee or wine.
  3. The 3rd type of party is the online (Facebook) nail bar. For these, my favorite part is you don’t have to get dressed, put makeup on, or even leave the house. You just need a mobile device or laptop and maybe a tasty drink and you’re good to go.

Very often there are booking specials

Color Street frequently offers additional free sets (besides the ones you’re already getting from the party) as a booking special. So you might be lucky enough to be able to take advantage of one of those. For example, in January of 2020 qualifying party hostesses will receive 2 exclusive Cosmic Cloud sets – a pretty purplish duochrome not available for purchase.

They have a generous Host/Booking Program

For a party to be considered qualifying, there only needs to be $150 in sales and 3 customers. It’s not hard to accomplish and the rewards are pretty generous.

Host Benefits:

If Nail bar sales are $150-$299, host free credit = 10% of sales and one ½ price item.

If sales are $300-$599, host free credit = 15% of sales, 3 ½ price items and free shipping.

If sales are $600-$999, host free credit = 20% of sales, 6 ½ price items and free shipping,

If sales are $1000+, host free credit = 25% of sales, 9 ½ price items and free shipping

The entire reward order ships for free as long as the Nail Bar is over $300

Booking Program:

When a current Host has a new Nail Bar booked from their Nail Bar, they qualify for $25 product credit to use at the new party. The booking must qualify with a minimum of $300 in retail sales and 3+ orders. The credit must be redeemed within 60 days from the original Nail Bar.

1st booking when held – $25 Product Credit

2nd booking when held – $25 Product Credit

3rd booking when held – $25 Product Credit

Your Color Street Stylist will always work with you and help you through any type of party so no need to worry about that. Mostly you’re job is to invite your friends and if it’s online interact with the posts. That’s it!

It’s kind of a win-win for everyone. It’s fun to get together with friends, the host is generously rewarded, especially if another party is booked, and the party is very portable or easy to do online. You really have nothing to lose! As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.

For more info on hosting a party and getting free stuff click here.

For info on what Color Street can do for you click here.

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