What Fun It Really Is

I heard  about a thing that there might probably be some throwback fun on Wednesday 11-18. Maybe something of Christmas past.

The 3 Throwback releases are What Fun It Is, Ice To Meet You, and Snow Biz (originally released as Petite but re-released as regular). But hurry, they are while supplies last.

Here’s the link for my Facebook VIP group where you can get all the latest plus fun, support, and community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ColorStreetMJTroche

Imagine getting the nails you want for Free! For more info on hosting an easy, peasy online party (pssst all you have to do is invite your friends. I’ll do the rest) and the rewards you’ll get click here.

For info on the amazing Color Street opportunity and what it can do for you click here.

Shopping link: shop

If you don’t see what you want shoot me an email: mjtroche@cox.net. I can check my on hand stock for you.

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