Stained Glass Artist

Stained glass is a timeless art form that has been admired for centuries.  Here is an artist who takes this craft to the next level and made a name for herself in the field.

The Artist

Linda is a stained glass artist who specializes in creating beautiful stained glass keepsake boxes. She is a self-taught stained glass artist working in the copper foil method since 197.  Linda grew up in NJ and was first introduced to stained glass by a friend. From there she fell in love and before long  was spending every spare moment in her studio.

Keepsake Boxes

One of her signature designs is the invitation keepsake box. It has a hinged lid that features a personalized invitation to a special event. The invitation is provided by the client and Linda designs the box around it. Of course a photo can also be provided instead of invitation. The boxes are perfect for events such as a bat/bar mitzvah, new baby or wedding picture.  Each one is a unique creation that showcases her incredible talent for working with glass. Attention to the smallest detail is evident in every aspect of the box, from the smooth hinges to the perfectly aligned and beautifully colored glass.

Ready Made Gifts

Other designs include stunning stained glass wind chimes, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and frames. Each makes a wonderful one of a kind gift  that is ready to ship within 2 days. Click here to see the selection.

Linda is a talented stained glass artist who arguably creates beautiful stained glass pieces. Her attention to detail and passion for the craft is evident in every creation. If you are looking for a memorable one of a kind gift, or simply want to add a stunning piece to your own collection, you need to check out Linda’s shop called  Bazaar Glass here.

“Bazaar Glass is a brand born out of love for glass, vivid colours, metal working and spreading happiness.

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