Calling all Nail Bar Nailers – August 2021

Have you thought about hosting a Nail Bar but feel you don’t have time or afraid you don’t know anyone to invite? If we could find a way to make it short and sweet and I help with the invitations would that change your mind? If you could get an additional 1-2 (adorable) sets for free and a chance to purchase a super cute exclusive set, would that change your mind?

Or you may be thinking not now, but soon. If you’ve been on the fence, there’s never been a better time than this month to introduce this amazing product to your friends. Why? Because for the month of August in addition to the usual generous rewards, you can get up to two exclusive free sets  AND the chance to  purchase the adorable Desert Flora nails (see photo). Fine print: Nail Bar must qualify with $150 and 3+ customers.

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