Halloween 2020 Nail Polish Strips

Update: They are here! They include glow in the dark smiling skulls and stripes, a black cat with purple glitter, a shimmery navy and silver celestial design, violet-blue bats and stars, a holographic plum glitter, and of course a shimmery orange jack-o-lantern.

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(Hurry they are limited edition and not sure if more will be produced once they are sold out.)Here at the names of each set:I saw a cute graphic today that said “Isn’t all of September Halloween Eve?” If you’re anxiously waiting for the Halloween 2020 collection to drop, it kinda feels that way.

As of this writing, all we can say is that we expect (and hope) to see some scary, glowy, spooktacular, ghoulish designs around the week of 9/20.  The home office has been doing an amazing job of keeping up with demand during the pandemic but must follow rules and regulations and of course keep their employees safe. But as we all know, it’s been a pretty unpredictable year.

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