New Jelly Nail Trend Is Lip Gloss for Your Nails

Popular nail styles that have technically been around for decades are making a fun come back. Remember the jelly sandles from the 90s? Well Jelly nails from the ’90s are getting a second life and just in time for summer.

If you’re not familiar with the nails, they are a sheer wash of color that looks like shiny lip gloss for your nails. They can complement any mood, plans you may have or outfit. And even though it’s technically a nail trend based on nostalgia, the jelly look feels fresh and new, possibly because it works well with the popular aesthetic of the “clean look”.

Best of all: Jelly nails are not complicated to achieve and are much easier than a lot of other popular nail trends.

If you plan on giving yourself an at-home mani, one way is by making your own DIY sheer polish. 

Basically you just grab a new bottle of clear polish as well as a bright color polish. Position the brush of the pigmented polish over the top of the clear polish bottle and add a sizable drop of color into the clear bottle. Shake it up, and voila, you’ve got your own jelly polish.

You can play around with how sheer or opaque you want the color to be, and it’s probably best to add color in small amounts because you won’t be able to undo it if you’re not happy with the outcome.

The drawbacks of this method are that your clear polish won’t be clear anymore. It can be messy if you’re not careful and it’s a trial and error method.

If you’re looking for something easier and still very affordable for your at home mani, try Color Street’s new jelly collection called “The Sweet Stuff”.  There  are  3 full  nail  sets  in  this  collection  along  with  a 4 finger  accent  set.

Simple ways to jazz up your jelly nails include trying more than one color on each hand for a full fruit-salad look or layering 2 or more nail polish strips on the same nail to create a gradient effect like the one below.

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