Floral Nail Trend for Spring & Summer 2023

One of the new Spring 2023 nail trends is florals according to Cosmopolitan. Delicate floral inspired designs were everywhere on the spring and summer 2023 runways according to Cosmopolitan. 

Ways to show off the floral nail design look:

1.) Your favorite nail salon is happy to oblige but you’ll probably have to pay extra for their expertise.

Pros: You can ask for something specific and they will do their best to oblige.

Cons: Extra cost and you really don’t know how it will look until it’s done. Also it will vary with the expertise of your nail tech.

2.) Flower decals are readily available in lots of places including Amazon.

Pros: relatively inexpensive and you can choose from a big variety of designs.

Cons: There’s always a risk of them not staying put and honestly some of them look a bit cheesy.

3.) Floral design nail polish strips like Color Street.

Pros: Less costly than a salon manicure especially with the added cost of a custom floral design. Choose from a variety of floral designs and clear overlays. An overlay is a clear nail polish strip with just the design (flowers for example) over another color so that color shows through or wear with no color and have your natural nail show through.

Cons: Most likely more expensive than decals but still less than the salon. Not as much variety as decals but likely more than your nail tech.


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