5 Ideas For Your Holiday Nails

The winter holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time for you to think about dazzling and festive ideas for your holiday nails. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or simply the joy of winter, your nails are a perfect canvas to express your holiday spirit. Here are some creative and eye-catching winter holiday nails and designs to help you get into the spirit of the season.

Classic Christmas Red and Green

Nothing says “Christmas” like the classic combination of red and green. You can opt for a traditional manicure with a mixture of red and green nails or jazz it up with some glitter.

Additionally, you can get creative with festive patterns like candy canes, Christmas trees, or holly leaves. And for nails with that extra holiday sparkle, add accent nails with glitter. Check out the candy cane nails below from Color Street’s “Merry Moments” Collection

Color Street Candy Cane Crush
Candy Cane Crush

Elegant Silver and Gold

For a more elegant holiday look, you should consider using silver and gold shades. These metallic hues can be combined in various ways to create glamorous nails that work for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, or any other winter celebration. Pictured below is Color Street’s “Stay Golden”.  You can also experiment with adding snowflake decals or tiny stars for a touch of magic.

color street stay golden
Stay Golden

Snowy Wonderland

You may want to embrace the beauty of winter with nails that remind you of a snowy day. To get this look, you should choose a pale blue or white or even French base, then add delicate snowflakes or icicles in white or blue. Adding glitter can mimic glistening snow. Pictured below is Blue Holiday  from Color Street’s Holiday 2023 collection over a simple French manicure.

Color Street Blue Holiday
Blue Holiday

Hanukkah Blue and Silver

Why not celebrate the Festival of Lights with a beautiful Hanukkah-inspired manicure?  You can opt for a serene blue base and add silver accents. These nails are a great way to honor this meaningful holiday and showcase your pride.

Color Street Charmeuse Blues
Charmeuse Blues
Color Street High Tide
High Tide

Kwanzaa-Inspired Nails

Kwanzaa can also be a perfect theme for your holiday nails. For this look, you can use a combination of the symbolic colors of Kwanzaa – red, green, and black (pictured below) on your nails.

Color Street all fired up
All Fired Up
color street starfall
color street emerald satin
Emerald Satin

New Year’s Eve Glam

Lastly, you can ring in the new year with a dazzling set of nails that are as glamorous as the occasion. Use a black base and add silver or gold glitter accent nails. Or just go all silver glitter. You can even go for the classic yet elegant look of a French mani but with silvery glitter tips. Either way, be sure to add some glitter to highlight the excitement of the celebration.

color street we're meant to oui
We’re Meant To Oui
Color Street Shangri-la

For this winter season, let your holiday nails be your canvas for self-expression and celebration. Whether you prefer classic Christmas colors, Hanukkah blue and silver or Kwanzaa inspired nails, there’s winter holiday nail art for everyone. So, don’t hesitate to get creative, have fun, and spread the joy of the season with your fabulous winter holiday nails!

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