5 Steps To Easy & Chic Color Street Summer Pedicures

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to break out those sandals and show off your toes in style. Want a salon-quality pedicure without the hassle of drying time and smudging?  Color Street nail polish strips are the perfect solution. These easy-to-apply, long-lasting nail polish strips come in a variety of trendy designs. So they allow you to effortlessly elevate your summer pedicure game. And just in time for summer, there is a new pedicure collection called Just Beachy. Here are some reasons why Color Street nail polish strips are the go-to choice for getting those beautiful  summer-ready toes. .

1. Easy Application

One of the biggest advantages of Color Street nail polish strips is their ease of application. You don’t need to be a professional manicurist to attain flawless results. Simply peel off the strip, apply it to your clean, dry nails, and smooth it down. You can then use a nail file to remove any excess strip. Tip: Always file in a downward motion. Voila! You have a salon-worthy pedicure in minutes, without the need for drying time or multiple coats of polish.

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2. Vibrant and Trendy Designs

Color Street offers a wide range of vibrant and fun designs that are perfect for summer. But you can wear them year ’round! From vibrant shades to elegant neutrals, there’s a design to suit every style, lifestyle and occasion. With all the choices, you will easily find a shade that matches your personality and complements your  wardrobe.

3. Long-Lasting Durability

Summer is a time for beach trips, pool parties, and outdoor adventures. You need a pedicure that can withstand the elements and last for up to 14 days without chipping or fading. Color Street nail polish strips are made with real nail polish, giving them a chip-resistant and long-lasting finish.. Whether you’re strolling on sandy beaches or splashing in the waves (yes wear them in the water), your pedicure will remain intact and vibrant.

4. Convenient and Travel-Friendly

Color Street nail polish strips are compact and easy to carry, making them ideal for travel. They come in a flat package measuring only 4 x 6 inches. Instead of lugging around bulky nail polish bottles and worrying about spills, you can slip a few Color Street nail polish strips into your suitcase or purse and be ready to refresh your pedicure on the go. Whether you’re on a weekend getaway or a long vacation or lounging by the backyard pool, you can maintain your stylish summer toes with minimal effort.

5. Easy Removal 

When it’s time to switch up your pedicure or remove the Color Street nail polish strips, you’ll be pleased to know that the removal process is as easy as the application. Use your regular nail polish remover or stock up on Color Street’s specially formulated acetone free remover. Here is the link for it on my Color Street website

Tip: For even easier removal, simply apply nail polish remover to a cotton pad, place it on your nail, and wrap each finger in foil. After a few minutes, the strips will easily peel off without damaging your natural nails.

Color Street 100% real nail polish strips offer a convenient and stylish solution for achieving flawless, salon quality summer pedicures. With their easy, long-lasting application, designs for any mood or occasion, and travel-friendly feature, these nail polish strips are a game-changer for your summer staycation or vacation. Say goodbye to drying time and smudges and say hello to effortlessly chic toes all summer long. Embrace the ease and beauty of Color Street and get ready to turn heads with your stunning pedicure.

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