New Stylist promotion -February 2022

Have you been wondering what it would be like to be a Color Street stylist? If you’re thinking about it at all, now is the perfect time. New stylists who join in the month of February, get 5 bonus sets with their starter kit AND a chance to win a Carrying case and planner to get their business off on the right foot. Click here to see the deets.

Is now the time for you to determine what you are worth, rather than letting someone else dictate that for you? Consider joining the thousands of Color Street stylists who are doing just that.

Color Street offers:

  • An innovative, patented, consumable product (meaning customers often re-order regularly)
  • An exciting, selection of on trend colors and designs that are updated often
  • Continuous training for all level Stylists along with marketing materials (including graphics) for new collections
  • A community of caring Stylists that support, share, and mentor each other
  • Recognition and incentive programs, including Jump Start, Circle of Excellence, Promo Perks, Incentive Trips, and other limited-time offerings
  • A Virtual Office, personal website, and Stylist App to support your business
  • A business model that supports entrepreneurship and a compensation plan that pays a Stylist based on her or his personal sales efforts and team sales.
  • No need to carry inventory and the freedom of choice to decide to sell to family, friends, and co-workers, as a hobby, or to build into something more

While there is no guarantee of income or success, you can make it your journey, so the destination is in your hands. Along the way, you’ll meet a whole community of stylists who want nothing more than to help each other succeed, share, mentor and cheer them on.

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