3 Nail Color Palettes to look for in 2023

  1. In 2023, look for cool tones such as shades of green, blue and purple, but especially blue from pastels to hot blue. Blue is popular because it easily pairs with other colors and a variety of skin tones. 






2. Remember the wildly popular 2022 glazed doughnut nail trend? It has a shimmery or glazed effect (reminiscent of a glazed donut) and it took the beauty world by storm. Many nail artists are predicting this trend will continue.

3. Warm earth Tones in contrast with cool tones, warm earth tones are also expected to stick around in 2023. Shades such as brown, tan, red, orange, & yellow also complement almost every skin color say the experts. You don’t have to limit your love of earth tones to browns and beige because the moodier moss greens and plums also fall into this category.


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