Fall Nail Polish Strip Trends

Fall 2023 nail polish strip trends typically feature designs and colors that reflect the cozy and warm vibes of the season. The Fall 2023 Nail Polish Strip trends that you’ll find this year are sweater prints, ombres, plaids, and pretty neutral chocolate browns and beiges will be everywhere by September.

  1. Plaid and Tartan for Fall 2023 Nail Polish:

Plaid, tartan, and houndstooth patterns are classic fall prints that are often seen on scarves, clothing, and accessories. Fall 2023 nail polish strips with plaid or tartan (tartan is a Scottish word for plaid and they are often used interchangeably) designs will add a touch of traditional fall charm to your nails.

color street fall 2023 nail polish
color street favorite flannel
 Color Street’s Favorite Flannel Overlay 
  1. Gradient and Ombre:

Gradient or ombre nail polish strips that blend fall colors like beiges and browns together create a beautiful transition of fall colors on your nails. They’ll remind you of the changing hues of the season.

  1. Ice blue glitter & glitter designs:

Your fall nail polish strip choices should include icey blue glitter and glitter designs which can add a bit of glamour and sparkle to your wardrobe. Or you can pair with your favorite jeans.

Color Street Fall 2023

Royal Brocade

  1. Earthy Browns and Beiges:

Fall is all about earthy and warm colors. Nail polish strips in shades of deep burgundy, rich chocolate brown, and neutrals beiges will be spotted during the upcoming season. You can use these colors on your nails to complement your fall fashion picks. Or you pair these neutrals with another fall design for a mixed mani

  1. Sweater Nail Art:

Sweater-inspired nail art is a fun and cozy choice for your fall lineup. Fall 2023 nail polish strips with knit-like textures or cable knit patterns will give your nails a warm and textured look. You may even have a matching sweater in your wardrobe already.

Nail polish strips come in the form of a dry strip. Those made by Color Street are made with 100% real polish and are becoming an increasingly popular trend for quick, easy, affordable nail art.

Berry Blazer and Boucle Jacket

If you keep an eye on my Color Street website here, you should be seeing the new Fall 2023 Color Street nails now.

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