The Importance of Lipstick

To really understand the importance of lipstick and why it should be more than just another cosmetic in your purse, you need to take a look at the history and origins of this makeup staple.

We all know that wearing lipstick can dramatically change your mood and make you feel confident, professional and put together. But it is also a form of self expression that has played an important role in culture and fashion over the years.

It’s believed that the lipstick was first used by ancient men and women who crushed gemstones to decorate their lips. Ancient Egyptians used lipstick to show their status and Cleopatra crushed bugs to release carmine to create a red stain to the lips.

Today it comes in all shades from bright reds and pinks to purples and earth tones and textures like matte, velvet, and glossy. It can not only make you look better but studies show that it can make you feel better about yourself too.

A swipe of a strong lip color like red for example, can make you feel more confident or professional. My own personal favorites are Color Street’s new lip line. 

Besides providing ultimate color, the 12 new  flattering lipstick shades deliver hydrating care and hours of comfortable wear.

  • Here’s what else you can look forward to when using this lipstick:
    Smooths & fills wrinkles
    Smudge proof
    Transfer proof
    Provides instant lip hydration for moisturized feel
    Non-drying formula

Lip Liner – You can also line and define your  lips with a creamy, vitamin E and jojoba oil-infused conditioning lip liner that glides on and helps reduce feathering. Five Easy Steps for how to apply lip liner (see it here)

Lip Primer: The  primer has a hydrating yet silky matte finish that smooths and fills wrinkles, provides 24 hours of hydration, and is also hypoallergenic.

Lip Balm: The tinted lip balm has PH sensitive pigment that transmits a subtle custom color with 24 hours of lasting hydration. The best part? It has a lip plumping effect and it’s formulated with good for your skin Vita-12 complex.

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