5 Steps for Applying Lip Liner

Who doesn’t want beautiful luscious lips? Even if you don’t think you have luxurious full lips to begin with, learning these 5 simple steps for applying lip liner and a few simple tricks are all you need to get that pretty pout.applying lip liner

In this post, you will learn: applying lip liner

  • Basic supplies you’ll need
  • How to apply lip liner in 5 easy steps (with Pro Tips)
  • applying lip liner

Ideally your lip liner allows the lip color to last without feathering or bleeding. A quality liner will also be infused with antioxidants such as Vitamin E and a skin conditioning oil such as jojoba.  And while it’s not considered the main attraction, this makeup bag must-have will help to create long-lasting and dramatic lips.

If you’ve never used lip liner before, not to worry. Think of it as coloring along the lines (or you can experiment with coloring outside the lines for a more dramatic look). You’ll find that it’s much easier than you thought.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Scrub
  • Balm
  • Liner
  • Lipstick
  • Concealer (optional)


Step 1 Lip Scrub: Use a lip scrub to gently exfoliate and brush off any dead skin. This will help the liner (and lipstick) glide on smoother and easier.

Pro Tip: In a pinch, you can use a dry toothbrush or damp washcloth to gently exfoliate. (Remember to be extra delicate to avoid causing irritation or microtears in your skin.)


Step 2 Lip Balm: Once your lips are smooth and even, keep them that way by applying  a good lip balm. Choose a formula with long lasting hydration, good for skin vitamins, and preferably hypoallergenic. Some lip balms are lightly tinted and even have a plumping effect. It’s a good idea to give the balm a couple of minutes to soak in before going in with color.

Pro Tip: use a hydrating lip balm to moisturize your lips while you sleep at night. If you want  to try something new, check out


Step 3 Lip Liner: For a natural look, you’ll want to choose a lip liner shade close to your natural lip color (don’t worry about it being an exact match) . Alternatively, if you plan to fill in with lipstick, choose a lip liner color that’s closer to your lipstick shade (doesn’t have to be exact) for easier blending.

First make an “X” to define the highest points of your cupid’s bow  in the center of your upper lip (photo below). Next, work your way outward in short strokes until you reach the outer corners of your lips.

Pro Tip: Have fun with a slightly darker or contrasting shade of liner to play with intensity and shading!

Step 4 Concealer (optional): You can use concealer to sharpen your lip line and clean up any smudges you may have made.

Pro Tip: You can also take it a step further by actually applying concealer on the borders of your lips. This masks your natural lip line and then you can draw a bold new outline!

Step 5 Lipstick: Run your favorite lipstick across your bottom and top lips. Then, take a closer look at your lip line and use a lip brush or your fingertip to gently blend the lip liner into the lipstick. Look in the mirror and enjoy your gorgeous new lips!

Pro Tip: Once you’re satisfied with the coverage and blend, gently blot your lips on a tissue, then you can dab a bit more lipstick onto just the center of your lips.

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