Ultimate Guide: What To Look For In Mascara

Mascara is one of those beauty staples that can transform your entire look with just a few swipes. Even if it’s the only makeup you use. However, with so many choices, finding the perfect mascara for you can be a daunting task. From volumizing to lengthening, waterproof to smudge-proof, the choices seem endless. Below are the key factors to consider when buying mascara to ensure you find the perfect formula for your lashes.

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1. Formula Matters

The ingredients in mascara is important in determining the overall look and feel of your lashes. Different formulas cater to various needs. If you’re looking for more volume, you should opt for a mascara with a thicker formula. Alternatively, lengthening mascaras have a lighter formula. And waterproof formulas are perfect if you want long-lasting wear, especially if it’s humid or rainy. Some mascaras can provide all or some of these benefits.

2. Brush Design

This is something you may not give a lot of thought to but the shape and design of the mascara brush plays a significant role in getting your desired lash look. A straight brush with evenly spaced bristles is excellent for separating and defining lashes. On the other hand, a curved brush can provide more lift and curl. Also keep in mind that a tapered brush can reach even the tiniest lashes in the corners of your eyes.

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3. Lash Type

Do you know what type of lashes you have? Consider your natural lash type when choosing a mascara. If you have sparse lashes, you might want to consider a volumizing mascara which can add fullness. For shorter lashes, a lengthening mascara will create the illusion of longer lashes. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally long lashes, a defining mascara may be all you need.

4. Ingredients

Pay attention to the ingredients list, especially if you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. Look for mascaras that are hypoallergenic and free from irritating ingredients such as parabens and fragrances. Many brands now offer mascaras with nourishing ingredients like vitamins and oils to promote lash health. For example, Color Street’s new Tri-Flex Mascara is infused with Vitamin E and enriched with caffeine for an eye awakening effect. 

5. Longevity

No one wants a mascara that fades or smudges throughout the day. Opt for long-wearing formulas, and if you think you need extra staying power, consider a waterproof mascara. However, just keep in mind that waterproof mascaras can be a bit more challenging to remove, so you may want to grab a good makeup remover too.

In the world of mascaras, finding the perfect one may require a bit of trial and error. When choosing a mascara, you should take into account your lash type, desired look, and personal preferences. By considering factors like formula, brush design, and ingredients, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the mascara that enhances your natural beauty with your best possible lash look.

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