Color Street’s New Hand and Nail Care System

Today 5-19-22, Color Street added 3 new highly anticipated items to the Hand and Nail Care System.
1. ) Nail Strengthener
• Strengthens and hardens nails and helps nails resist breakage
• Encourages nail growth and helps reduce splitting, chipping, and peeling
• Fruit-derived ingredients
• One-coat application
• Use twice a week as nail hardener
• 3-in-1: hardening treatment, base coat, top coat with high-shine, glossy finish
• Long-wear formula
• 0.5 fl oz bottle, made in USA
• 24 month shelf life once 

2.) Cuticle Oil

• Soothing and conditioning
• Blend of 6 oils from around the world: coconut, kukui, nut oil, baobab, sweet almond, passionfruit
• Contains vitamin E
• Maintains healthy-looking cuticles
• Moisturizes dry, brittle cuticles
• Premium ingredients provide nails with superior moisture
• Contains nuts
• 0.5 fl oz bottle
• Made in USA
• Use within 12 months of opening


3. Color Street Hand Lotion

• Contains 18 silk amino acids
• Anti-aging formula helps retain hydration, optimize collagen, protect against environmental damage, and revitalize skin leaving your hands looking younger & healthier.
• Blend of jojoba, macadamia, coconut, and avocado oils plus
vitamins C and E
• Lightly-scented formula leaves hands feeling soft and moisturized
• Contains nuts
• 1.69 fl oz, Made in USA
• Use within 12 months of opening
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💜 And if you’ve not tried this dry nail polish yet, I have something for you!

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