6 Cheek Makeup Tips

What Is Cheek Makeup?

In general, cheek makeup or cheek colors are products that are applied to highlight and accent your cheekbones. Blush and bronzer used correctly and without overdoing it, can complete your makeup look and take it to the next level.  The best part? You don’t need a cosmetology degree to master these few easy skills.

1. Know your skin type:

Everyone has a unique skin type and tone. In order to choose the right blush for yours, take a minute to analyze your skin type and tone.

Skin type: Simply put if you have dry or aging skin or live in a very dry climate, choose a cream blush to add moisture. If your skin is normal to oily, choose powder blush.

Skin tone: If you are fair skinned, use blush with cool undertones like mauves or pinks. If your skin is medium to dark toned, use warmer toned blushes such as oranges and cinnamons to highlight your cheeks.

2. Know your face shape:

If your face is round: To elongate and define a round face, start at the top of your ear and blend the blush evenly downward for a flawless finish. 

If your face is oval: If your face is oval shaped, start applying color at the apples of your cheeks and finish with a swipe up to your ear. Doing this will help even out longer proportions.

If your face is squarish: For a square face, start at the top of your ear and swipe down to the apple of your cheek.

If your face is heart shaped: If you have a heart shaped face then complement it by applying blush on the apples of the cheeks to impart a natural tint and soft definition.

3. For a natural look:

If using powder blush, try different brushes to get a more natural look. To give your natural cheeks a bit of glow, go with cream blush instead of powder. 

4. For a dewy look:

Start with a good foundation then apply cream blush. Blend it gently into the apples of your cheeks with a makeup sponge. To add to the dewy glow, apply liquid highlighter over the cream blush only on the high points of your face. The highlighter will reflect light and give your cheeks a natural looking glow.

5. Cheek makeup for day and night:

Throughout the day, avoid using too much blush (less is more in the daytime). Choose subtle colors for a more diffused look. Bright daylight makes heavy makeup look unnatural. When the sun goes down, go ahead and have fun with bolder and more dramatic shades.

6. Final tips:

Always start with a light hand. It’s easier to add more product if it’s not enough than to go lighter if too much is applied. Use a good base for your cheeky makeup. If you don’t there’s a risk your blush may appear blotchy and unflattering.

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