Top 5 Reasons We Love (Dry) Nail Polish Strips

  1. Quick & Easy – They’re super easy to apply and you don’t need any special tools. Just peel, press, and go. Since they are 100% nail polish, just remove with your favorite nail polish remover.
  2. No Dry Time – Not only are they easy to apply but you don’t have to wait for them to dry because they are already 95% dry. So what that mean is there is no smudging, no mess and no fuss.
  3. Affordable – At approximately $12 a set, you can afford to do your in-home manicure as often as you like or use the money you save to treat yourself to something else.
  4. Long Lasting – On average, they can last 10-14 days. That’s longer than traditional nail polish. But don’t take my word for it. Test a sample yourself with your favorite liquid polish and see which one lasts longer.
  5. Selection – There are so many different shades, designs, glitters, and even French manicure to choose from. And they are continuously being updated with the latest designer colors, new releases, and holiday nails.

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