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What are 100% real nail polish Strips? 

Nail polish strips are real nail polish in a dry strip form, with base coat, color coat and top coat in every strip. It’s a quick, easy, affordable way to give yourself a salon-quality manicure without any mess or wait time.

What are the nail polish strips made from?

The nail strips are made from 100% real nail polish. Please see product packaging for the complete ingredients listing.

How long do they last?

Although everyone’s nails are different, your manicure can last up to 14 days. They are more durable than liquid polish, so they are more chip-resistant and last longer.

How do I find the right size?

A nail polish strip manicure set consists of two sheets, each containing 8 double-ended strips. To find the correct size for your nail, simply check the strip against your finger, choosing the one that closest matches your nail size. Very gently stretch the strip (horizontally or vertically) for a perfect fit.

What if it looks like I can just peel it off?

When you open the package, the strips are about 95% dry – which makes them flexible and repositionable. They need 15 to 30 minutes to completely set to your nails. 

How do I remove my nail polish strips from my nails?

Since the nail strips are made of 100% real nail polish, you can use regular nail polish remover. Here is a blog article I wrote with more details about nail polish removers.

What if I don’t think I’d be able to apply it on my own?

It takes a little bit of practice, but you’ll get used to it quickly. Don’t worry about making mistakes, since you can reposition the strips during application (if you do it right away).

Where are the nail strips made?

They are developed and manufactured in New Jersey, USA.

 Are the nail strips safe to use on my pet?

It is strongly discouraged using the nail strips on your pets. Due to the fact that it’s made of real nail polish (and must be removed with nail polish remover), they cannot ensure that it is safe to ingest for anyone, but especially dogs, cats, and other furry friends.

Are my the nail strips re-sealable?

They are designed to be a one-time use product. Products should not be re-sealed or saved, as the product may not be usable, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

What is the “shelf life” for my nail polish strips?

Factory sealed shelf life is 1 year from date of purchase when stored properly. Strips should be stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. It is possible that with favorable storage conditions, product over a year old is still in usable condition.

How long do the nail strips last once applied?

The nail strips are made from 100% nail polish and usually last longer than regular nail polish – about 10-14 days.

How do I get a  Free Sample?

Just fill out this form and I will mail you one. Be sure to include current street and email addresses.

If I wanted to join and become a stylist, what should I do? Enrollment?

If you decide that you would like to join, go to your favorite stylist website and look for the Join Now drop down. The starter kit is $129 and you will have everything you need to get started on your new journey.

How much are the nail polish strips? What is the  cost? Prices?

The nail polish strips are reasonably priced between $12-$16 depending on your choices. They are always Buy 3 Get the 4th one Free .

How to apply Nails. nail polish strips,  Application video, application instructions.

Your nail polish strips are quick and easy to apply. Here is a short YouTube video taking you through the steps.

What comes in the stylist starter kit?

When you join and become a stylist,  you receive a starter kit for $129. It includes all the basics you need to become an Independent Stylist and get started right away. Note that the items in the kit are sometimes updated and the following list is just to give you an idea:

  • 10 Full sets of nail strips
  • 1 French, 2 Solid, 2 Glitter, 5 Design,
  • 72 Testers
  • 40 remover pads (2 boxes)
  • 100 Prep Pads (1 box)
  • 2 Large Nail Files
  • 2 Nail Buffers
  • 60 Mini Files
  • 50 Cuticle Sticks
  • Tote bag
  • Catalogs, Road to Success, Other Training Tools & Order Forms
  •  Pedicure and 2 Petite sets.
  • Lip and nail care

How long does it take for my nail polish strips to dry?

There is no drying time. Just apply and go. You don’t have to worry about smudging or waiting to dry.

Where to buy nails, nail polish strips, dry polish- Find a stylist

The nail polish strips are not sold in stores. They are offered to clients through Independent Stylists via a website, vendor events, or beauty socials. Just go the website of your favorite stylist. If you don’t have one, you can browse the website  here.  Or fill out this form to try a free sample.

Nail Polish Strip application instructions directions or how to apply?

The nail polish strips are easy to apply once you get the hang of it. Here is a link to a YouTube video that walks you through the steps.

What is a Hostess what does he or she do?

A Hostess is someone who hosts a nail polish strip party also called a Nail Bar or Beauty Social. Qualifying Hosts are eligible for FREE and half-price products, free shipping and other special offers depending on the volume. 

What are the nail polish strip  ingredients?

For a complete list of ingredients, please click on this link: ingredients.

What is the  Jump Start program?

The jump start program is designed to reward new Stylists for building their business right from the start. He or she is given the opportunity to earn products to supplement their kit, to use or sell, PLUS sales aids etc. 

Do they make nail polish strips for toes? Pedicure strips?

Yes!  The selection is a fun mix of fun nail designs, vibrant colors, and eye-catching glitters. Pedi strips are the same formula and easy application as the finger nail stips, but in new adapted strip shapes that make it even easier to add them to the tips of your toes.

How do you apply the new pedicure strips?

The pedicure strips are the same formula and have the same easy application as the manicure strips – the only difference is the specially adapted sizing and shapes for the toes. Here is an easy application video: 

How many pedicure strips come in a package?

Just as in the finger nail strips, each package comes with 16 single edged strips for a full pedicure.

Are pedicure strips one-sided?

Yes, because the cuticles of your fingertips have more shape variation – some are a little more rounded, while others are straight. The manicure strips are double ended, meaning they can be applied from either end. Since the cuticles of the toenails are more uniformly straight, they’ve been adjusted accordingly.

Can I put a clear coat over my nail polish strips once applied?

The strips are 100% real polish. They contain base coat, color and top coat all in one strip. You don’t need other nail products when using them, but it won’t affect the product if you want to use a clear coat top coat or a nail strengthener underneath.

Can I use them on short nails?

Yes you can. The nail strips can be used on any length nail from short to long. Additionally  you may want to consider Petite nail strips for those with smaller nail beds and Pedicure nail strips for the perfect pedicure fit.

What is the  website?

The corporate website is But to place an order, it must be done through a stylist. If you don’t already have one, you can do that here.

Where are the nail polish strip application instructions, nail application,  directions tutorial?

Here is a link to the steps for application:  instructions

Here is a link to the steps for application of a French manicure: French instructions

Here is a link to an application video:  tutorial

To try a free sample, just fill out this form and I’ll get it in the mail right away.


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