The Digital Lavender Nail Trend

Remember the glazed donut nails trend?  In short, they are a nail art design that mimics the appearance of a glazed donut. It typically involves a light beige or pink with a shiny glaze-like finish that resembles the icing on a donut.

The glazed donut trend re-introduced us to a time where shimmer reigns supreme. Now there is a new non-boring neutral nail craze called “digital lavender”

What is digital lavender?

For many of us, lavender symbolizes purity, devotion, and love. It reminds us of lavender fields, romance, and the sweet scent of lavender . When we imagine that color is associated with a pleasant scent, we feel even more connectivity for the color.

“Digital lavender is a color full of hope and positivity,” says Clare Smith, a Color Strategist at WGSN.  “It’s a shade that poses that much-needed cautious optimism and escapism that people are craving post-pandemic and even in times of budget crunch; it is imaginative and creative but also speaks of serenity and balance.” 

Get the look.

If you want to add a digital lavender look to your manicure, a good option is Color Street’s “Forbidden Orchid” nail polish strips. It’s a gorgeous, soft periwinkle-lavender with a shimmer finish. Nude nails are one of the top nail trends of the year, but digital lavender is the way to go if you’re leaning towards a more futuristic vibe that’s not too out of this world.

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