Knitted Kitchen Scrubbies

Let me start by saying that I’ve seen scrubb-ee spelled with a “y” and also “ie” and I’m not sure which is correct. So my apologies if I’ve spelled it wrong. 

Have you heard of or seen these little darling little kitchen accessories? I stumbled upon them while looking for something to do in the evening that was relaxing. I also wanted to resurrect the round knitting loom I bought about 15 years ago and never used. So I made a few with the help of YouTube and they came out really cute. Then I  thought they might make amazing little gifts for my customers with the added benefit of giving me an excuse to make more (many more as it turns out).

But I didn’t want to give them to away without being sure they are:

 1.) Washable 

2.) Gift-worthy. So I started using it myself and kind of fell in love with it. It really does the job as a dish scrubber and since it is knitted, you don’t have to worry about it scratching anything.  Next I threw it in with my laundry fully expecting it to come out in one long, unraveled string, but it didn’t! It came out of the wash the same way I put it in except cleaner.

Now here’s the best part. They make special scrubby yarn which is washable and comes in tons of different colors. I usually use 2 strands of yarn, 1 scrubby strand and 1 strand of cotton so I mix and match all of the fun colors. I never really know what it’s going to look like until it’s about 1/2 done and I’ve never made one that I didn’t like.

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