Spring 2021 Nail Polish Strips

Now we can officially enjoy Spring because the Spring 2021 Nail Polish Strips have arrived! There are 9 brand new styles, a few super popular throwbacks (including Gratitude Is Everything-pictured below), and our all time favorite core sets.

The brand new styles are glitter designs, a gorgeous rich pink, an amazing mermaid overlay (picture Mermaid Brigade then being able to choose your own color underneath), some fun art designs and a new coral glitter just in time for the warm weather. Here are a couple seen on hands. 

In the meantime, if you need to snag any of these ( you know you do) before they’re gone. First, try clicking the link below to order online. If something  you need is not available, don’t worry, there’s a good chance I may have it in my personal inventory. So shoot me an email (mjtroche@gmail.com) or join our Facebook VIP customer group to get the scoop and join the fun and conversation.

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