7 Instagram Quick Tips for Marketing Your Business

  1. Pick a theme and stay consistent. Use themes such as color schemes, fonts, lighting, grids and filters.
  2. Try to post 1-2 times a day and keep your posting schedule consistent.
  3. Look at your insights and post at optimal times for your audience.
  4. Use well thought out hashtags, pertaining to your brand or ideal client. You don’t need to use 30 hashtags. Sometimes less is more.
  5. Make your content visually pleasing and shareable. Watermark original content.
  6. Tag larger relevant accounts in your photos. Engage with others who have similar values, lifestyle, and aspirations.
  7. Try to have a CTA (call to action) in every post to get people to engage. It can be as simple as “What plans do you have for the holiday weekend?”

These are just a few simple things to keep in mind when posting/marketing for your Instagram account. Most of all be authentic and be yourself.

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