Neon Nails

Neons are arguably the most debated color family out there, right? But there’s no denying that it’s a beauty trend – here to stay. 

If you’re not quite bold enough to inject those bright colors into your wardrobe right now, you can start by injecting them into your nails instead .

Check out the release of the newest mini collection called Neon Nights. We love the neons and they love us back! There are 4 amazing solids and 2 clear overlay designs to mix and match.

Pink is called Shockwave, purple is Supercharged, green is Kilowatt, and orange is High Voltage. The 2 clear overlays (wear alone or over your favorite color for an instant pop) are called Spot On and Check Yourself.

The best part-besides um Neon- is they are all $11-$12 each and as usual, Buy 3 Get 1 free applies. 

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