New Petite Size Nail Polish Strips

Have you tried the new Color Street nail polish strips yet?

If you have, you know that they are 100% nail polish in the form of a (mostly) dry strip. They are quick and easy to apply and come in lots of fun and elegant colors, designs and glitters. They are also very affordable.

While they come in different sizes to for different nails (thumb, index, pinky etc. ), recently launched are two new lines of nails for a more perfect fit!

First, just in time for summer sandal season, the Pedicure nail strips were released. They have a slightly square-ish shape making them a better fit for our toes.

And the sizing in general is geared toward the varying sizes of our toenails.The new sizing all comes together for the perfect pedicure. I tried How Swede It Is (blue glitter) on my toes and I have to agree that they are a pretty perfect fit. 

More recently, they launched a line of Petite nail strips.

These are exactly the same as the regular nail strips we know and love except they are a bit shorter and narrower. So they fit the slightly smaller, slender nails/hands like those of us with smaller nail beds or perhaps your tween or teenager. 

With each new launch of course, came new designs and colors and they are sweet!

If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the perfect time because they have so many new designs and fits for everyone and every occasion.

If you’d like to try a free sample, simply fill out this google form and I will mail one to you.

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  1. ann turner

    how to order a regular set for normal nails and a petite set for smaller nails…

    1. prettychicnails

      You can simply go to the website at and choose the style you want. For Petite, look for the petite category in the drop down box under shop.

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