How I survived Quarantine 2020 or Quaran20

Another one of the few positive things to come from Quarantine 2020 (besides telemedicine and meeting my family) is discovering Diamond Painting or Paint with Diamonds. It’s a pretty new craft that is super relaxing, easy for any level, and as a bonus you end up with a beautiful piece of art that you made yourself!

I really needed something to help me relax and take my mind off of well…everything. I know a lot of you reading this can relate. I’d heard about painting with diamonds but had no idea what it was. So of course, I Googled it. There are very few crafts I haven’t  tried at least once but this was one of them. I was intrigued. The pics I saw of finished pieces were pretty cool.  I went on a mission to order one but I needed it quickly as my stress levels were rising exponentially. This was early on in the pandemic when there were mind boggling shortages of toilet paper and other random things.

Everywhere I looked (online because stores weren’t even open) they were out of stock. It seemed others had the same idea as I did. I finally landed on a site called Paint With Diamonds. Actually no, first I found the Facebook group for Paint With Diamonds which eventually led me to their website because the group members were just raving about how wonderful they were. I’ll come back to that in a sec.

Long story short, I got my Paint With Diamonds project and I am obsessed. Basically it’s like those paint by number things you did when you were a kid except instead of paint you are using tiny square or round colored pieces of faceted resin (diamonds). Since they are faceted, they catch the light at different angles and really do look pretty. You just match the pieces (called drills) to the small numbered squares on your canvas. The canvas comes with adhesive so you are just using a small tool to stick them on. That’s it in a nutshell. Pictured below is a finished version of one of their bestsellers along with the tools that come in the kit.

There are lots of tips and tricks you can Google or join the Facebook group to learn about, but the point is that it’s super easy, very relaxing, affordable (compared to therapy), fun, and you end up with a beautiful finished product. Trust me, it’s really hard to mess it up. My one piece of advice might be to start with a smaller project so you don’t feel overwhelmed at first.

There are 2 other things worth mentioning.  The first is they will take your favorite photo and turn it into a diamond painting kit for you. How fun is that?  Of course you’ll want to make sure it’s a decent quality photo and you can get  tips on that from the  website. I’m working on a custom one now. Below is the original photo I used for my custom Paint With Diamonds. I’ll come back and post the finished project.

The second I wanted to mention is that I’ve found the customer service to be pretty impressive. Since I ordered at the height of the pandemic there were shipping delays. They responded immediately to my inquiries and while I expected the delays, it was still reassuring to know that someone was checking on it.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in the post and if you go through them and make a purchase I may earn a small commission. Please know that I link companies and their products because of their quality and not because of any commission I receive from purchases.

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