How To Shorten Your Natural Nails

I came across an article today that said you should never use nail clippers to shorten your natural nails especially if they are weak and splitting. Hmm, I’ve always used nail clippers. Isn’t that what everyone does? I have been struggling with weak and splitting nails for a couple years though. So I was interested to read more.

It said the problem is that nail clippers have a flat cut, and our nails are curved. When you close the clippers on your nail, it flattens the nail out which bends the nail unnaturally and separates the layers of keratin that make up the nail plate. This in turn increases the chance of cracking or splitting the nail. It can cause microscopic weak spots and fractures leading to broken and split nails down the road. (This actually makes perfect sense when you think about it).





The suggestion is to file and shape only, preferably with a glass or crystal nail file. Here is a blog article about different types of nail files.

Other advice includes keep them filed smooth, use cuticle oil frequently,avoid contact with harsh chemicals, wear gloves when cleaning, very gently push back cuticles, and keep your nails polished (base coat and top coat but avoid hardeners). Good luck! I’m off to go smooth out, oil, and grow long luxurious nails for a change.

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