5 New Color Street Stylist Designs Summer 2020

Oh my gosh! This is just what the Doctor ordered;  five brand new, adorable and pretty,  original stylist designed, limited edition, guaranteed-to-delight designs. This came as a total surprise, at least to me. 

There are 2 glitter designs. ATOMIC SPARKLE is described as a pink to grey gradient. But honestly I don’t see the grey or else it’s very dark. Either way it’s rich and gorgeous.  The other glitter MI LITTLE OBSESSION, is a mint to purple gradient but the color changes at an angle instead of horizontal – really unique. These are sold out on the website but check below for my stash inventory.

Are you ready for the art designs? They are beyond adorable. MAKE A SPLASH, is a rainbow of colors. Someone described it to me as melting crayons. It’s bright and colorful on a white background with a shimmer finish.  BEE YOU, is my favorite. It features bees and honeycombs on a pale pink background with a frost finish. And I know there are a lot of owl lovers out there because  IT’S A HOOT was the first set to sell out (check below for my inventory availability). It has a shimmery gold finish with cute owls and feathers.
Take a peek at my website here.

If you don’t see what you want, check my on hand inventory here. Then send me an email (mjtroche@cox.net) and we’ll take care of the details.

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