Summer Splash 2020 Nail Polish Strips

I think we all will agree that the wait was worth it.  Summer nails have arrived!

There are 5 brand new limited edition designs. Meaning once they are gone they won’t be making any more. My advice is if you see something you like, don’t hesitate, grab it while you can. If you need help, I can make things happen (usually :).

There are two art designs, 1 glitter ombre and 2 neons. Sunset Boulevard (pictured below) reminds us of the retired Honolulu Haze and Gloss Angeles is similar to last years (also retired) Nevada Neon which was and is still wildly popular.

Note that neons, just like regular neon polish can fade a bit when exposed to direct sunlight. It comes in protective packaging but it’s good to keep in mind. We just love when they bring back retired shades with a new twist (or not). Some of them were gorgeous and gone way too soon.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for email me at: and I’ll check my on hand inventory.  Then just let me know what you want (by email)  and we’ll take care of the details (like shipping and payment).

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