You Can Still Get Color Street Real Nail Polish Strips

Due to recently imposed safety practices by the state of New Jersey , the Color Street has been operating with limited production capabilities. You may have noticed that as quickly as the nail polish strips are restocked they sell out again. In spite of this, they are still having record breaking sales.

Right now the best way to get the nail strips you want is to contact me and I will check inventory on hand. We stylists have an amazing network set up for helping each other out until it’s safe  to get back to full production.

I’m also going to be highlighting different strips in my VIP group on Facebook, Pretty Chic Suite. So come on over and join us for fun, games, contests and the latest scoop! This is where you will have access to my nail polish strip “stash”.

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Here’s an easy application video

For more info on hosting an easy party online and getting free dry nail polish strips click here.

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