3 Ideas For Stunning Thanksgiving Nails

The leaves are changing color, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving nails. You may not think so at first, but this holiday offers endless opportunity to create some eye-catching nail art. Let’s talk about earthy yet festive nail art that celebrates nature’s beauty.

Earthy Tones

Thanksgiving is all about reflecting on what you’re grateful for. Embrace the earthy tones like warm browns, deep orange and reds, and muted yellows for a natural and rustic look. These colors not only reflect the changing foliage, but also represent gratitude for a bountiful harvest.

Thanksgiving nails
Thanksgiving Nails

Gobble Gobble

Alternatively, you can let your nails do the talking by adding playful turkey nail art. With their vibrant feathers and cheerful gobble gobble, Turkeys are a classic symbol of Thanksgiving. Why not display them on your nails too? Create turkey themed nails with Color Street’s adorable “Turkey Trot” 4 finger nail accent pack. You can pair them with the warm earthy tones of browns, reds, and muted yellow.

color street turkey trot
Turkey Trot

Fall Foliage

Finally, the rich and vibrant colors of falling autumn leaves can serve as inspiration for your Thanksgiving nails. If this is the vibe you want, you should incorporate rich red, brown and gold glitters to mimic the stunning fall foliage. Consider Color Street’s “Spice Of Life” or “Candied Cranberry” glitter nail polish strips from their “Stay for Stuffing” collection.

Color Street Happy Harvest
Color Street’s Happy Harvest


There are a lot of fun and creative ways to express your autumn/Thanksgiving spirit. If you want a more subtle rustic or natural look for your Thanksgiving nails, think about embracing the warm earthy tones of autumn. For a more playful take on the holiday, you can add cute turkey nail art like those made by Color Street. Lastly, you can use the spectacular colors of fall foliage to inspire glittery deep reds and browns for your Thanksgiving nails.

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