Ready to Spring Forward?

It’s been a couple days since most of us have moved our clocks ahead 1 hour in anticipation of spring. (I live in Arizona and we don’t do that here, but that’s a whole other story).

It doesn’t seem like the weather is quite cooperating yet though. Some of us just may need a little help getting out of the winter blues.  I like to do that by surrounding myself with bright spring colors.

I find that including them in my daily routine actually helps improve my mood. One fun, easy, and inexpensive way to do this is on my finger (and toe) nails.

There’s just something uplifting about opening up your umbrella or pulling off your gloves and catching a glimpse of a bright glittery coral, royal blue, fuchsia or delicate spring floral (yes floral) on your nails. It definitely makes me just a little bit happier on an otherwise dull, dreary day.

Color Street is launching their Spring Collection on March 19, 2019. I was able to get my hands on the sneak peek preview of about half of them and here are some of my favorites (though honestly I love them all).

Before I show them to you, let me just mention that 1.) In total transparency, I am an Independent Color Street Stylist.  2.) Color Street nail polish strips are 100% nail polish in the form of a strip. Simply put, you just press on and go – no tools, no waiting time, and no smudging. You will not find a more affordable, long lasting, fun and pretty, salon quality manicure out there.

I tried to narrow down my favorites out of the 16 new styles that I have seen so far. I managed to get it down to 6. Two are glitters (I could eat glitter if it was edible), 1 is a glitter design, and the other 3 are nail art designs.

The two glitters are called “You’re Corally Invited” and “Fiji Fuchsia”. As suggested they are coral (a BIG pantone spring color) and fuchsia glitter, pictured below.

The glitter design at the top of my fave list is called “Water You Up To ?” Don’t you just love the fun names and you guessed it. It’s a glittery swirl of ocean blues and greens which reminds me of well, you know, the ocean. Here’s the pic.

The last 3 are “Wing Woman” a pinkish butterfly design, “Peace, Love, and Tie Dye” because I’m a recovering hippie, and “Flora Good Time”, really pretty delicate pinkish fuchsia flowers on a shimmery background. It just has spring written all over it. Here are the photos:

There’s one other that I think I want to include (oh this is so hard) because it looks like a Tiffany Blue to me and it has polka dots – two of my most favorite things in the world. So I’m making an executive decision and adding it to the list. Besides 7 is a much nicer number than 6. It’s called “I’ve Dot a Feeling” and here is the pic (last one, I promise). But isn’t that polka dot design just adorable?

If these are just a sampling of the spring collection, can you imagine the rest? I cannot. But I’m dying to see them. March 19 is the big day. I am taking pre-orders in my Facebook VIP group.

If you want to be among the first to get a glimpse of the rest of the new spring collection, or get in on other news, new releases (did you see the 2 limited edition Easter sets? Adorbs!) or just plain no pressure, mandatory fun, come on over to my Facebook VIP community. I would really love to have you.

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