10 Questions an Independent Stylist Might Ask

1.) Do I have to keep inventory?

You do not. After purchasing the initial starter kit  (check the website for up to date pricing)  plus tax and shipping and now valued at over $400, you don’t have to buy any more inventory if you don’t want to.

Here’s what’s in the kit: (note that it’s always best to go to the Color Street website for current information) You can find my Color Street site here.

• 13 Sets of Nail Strips
• 72 Testers
• 20 Remover Pads
• 100 Prep Pads
• 2 Large Nail Files
• 2 Nail Buffers
• 60 Mini Nail Files
• 50 Cuticle Sticks
• 25 Catalogs
• 25 Opportunity Brochures
• Stylist Launch Guide
• Tote Bag
• NEW! Hand Lotion
• NEW! Cuticle Oil
• NEW! 3 Lipsticks
• NEW! 2 Lip Liners
• NEW! Tinted Lip Balm
• NEW! Lip Primer

Shoppers can buy directly from your personal Color Street website as soon as you enroll and before your kit even arrives.

However, some stylists go to vendor events to sell, meet new contacts, and build relationships. In that case, they might have some inventory on hand in case anyone wants to make a purchase at an event. Another case where stylists might keep a small inventory is if they prefer to bring the product to in person parties. Again not needed as the guests can order from the website.  If you choose to keep inventory, how much you have on hand is entirely up to you.

2.) Am I required to have a minimum dollar amount of sales each month?

The short answer is no. But there is a requirement to achieve a Personal Volume of $1 at least once within a rolling 3 month period to stay active.  

3.) What about International Sales?

Currently Color Street ships  to the United States, Canada and Germany. Expansions to other European countries are also planned. Check out the Color Street website here. for the latest info.

4.) How long has Color Street been around?

Color Street was officially launched in June of 2017.

5.) Any other fees?

There is a monthly charge of $9.95 after your first  month for ongoing sales and marketing materials, including back office accounting, training updates, the replicated website and communication tools. You also may want to have optional business cards made which can be ordered through your stylist website or on your own from places like Vistaprint usually at a discount.  

6.) What is the Color Street Foundation?

In July of 2018, our Founder and CEO, Fa Park, established the Color Street Foundation to make a difference in local and national communities. In partnership with our Stylist community, the Foundation creates meaningful charitable giving campaigns to benefit partner organizations. Our limited-edition nail strips, designed in support of causes that resonate with our Stylists and customers, help start the conversation and raise awareness for important causes and charitable organizations.

7.) What about Income? How does commission work?

The foundation of the Color Street business is social selling and building a strong customer base. By working hard, there is potential  to earn up to 35% but that is not typical.  See the Income Disclosure statement below.

Retail Commissions on your Personal Volume (PV):
Base Retail Commission starts at 15% of your PV. You earn an additional 10% if you sell 300 in PV in a calendar month, for a total of 25%. Base Retail Commission is paid in weekly payouts. 

You can also poke around the site here. How much you make depends very much on how much you put into it and varies from person to person. See the income disclosure statement below.

Income Disclosure

8.) What is Jump Start?

The Jump Start Rewards Program is designed to reward Stylists for building their business right from the start. He or she can earn Product Credit by reaching certain selling and enrollment goals during the Jump Start period.

9.) How are stylists paid?

Your weekly and monthly commission can be direct deposited through the  Pay Portal into various financial accounts of your choosing.

10.) I love the product and I’m interested in becoming a stylist,  but not sure if I can do it.

There are Zero (0) sales requirements, so you can try it out to see where it takes you or be a hobbiest just for the discount! Stylists can also leave the business at any time with no penalties. 

Check out my Color Street website here for more info. 

Income Disclosure Statement

I hope this answers some questions that you might not have thought of or were not able to find answers for so that you can make an informed decision about joining. I tried to answer them as honestly and transparently as I could. Color Street is an awesome company with integrity, fairness, and class and joining can make you feel empowered, good about yourself. 

Shop my site: http://www.mycolorstreet.com/mjtroche

Come join our Facebook Community for laughs, support, games, pre launch news, contests, and giveaways.  We’d love to have you!


Go to the Color Street website for the most current information here

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  1. Emily

    Do stylists get the 25% off and the buy 3 get one free deals stacked? Or is it just 25% off. Thanks.

    1. prettychicnails

      They get both.

  2. Liz

    Stylists get 13 full sets now

    1. prettychicnails

      Yes, thanks. I made the update but not under the bullet point. It’s correct now.

  3. Sheena Dolechek

    Do stylists have a limit on the number of the same style of nails they can purchase? Such as you can only order 2 of one style?

    1. prettychicnails

      Yes, currently only 2 of the same style can be ordered at one time. It was put in place when many of the Covid 19 safety precautions were implemented limiting production and I believe it is temporary.

  4. Jody Bogues

    As a stylist, what are you allowed to do to promote your business? Can you have a Facebook group, buy Facebook ads with a link to your online portal, Instagram, discuss on Linked In? I’m just curious what vehicles to get the word out using social media is acceptable. With the pandemic and all, social media is our friend! Can you hold demos using Facebook Live, or watch parties, so on and so forth.
    Thank you,

    1. prettychicnails

      You can have a Facebook group and have specials as long as it’s private. You can promote on Facebook or other places but you can’t discount or have paid advertising in any public spaces.

  5. Heather

    Which facebook groups do you suggest for someone who hasn’t even purchased the starter kit? The VIP group I see only posts different nail sets that are available and has nothing on how to do a good job selling nails.

    1. prettychicnails

      I would suggest getting advice from your upline/sponsor once you purchase the kit. They can give you the best advice for your team.

      1. prettychicnails

        Also Color Street provides a lot of in-depth training for all stylists and specifically for new stylists to make sure that everyone gets off to a strong start.

  6. Kimberly Andrews

    What is the wholesale price of a set?

    1. prettychicnails

      There is no wholesale price, everyone including the stylist pays retail. The difference is that the stylist will get a commission on her own sales too.

  7. Chris

    Do you have to pay the $9.95 a month. I only want to do this for myself and close friends. Not as a business. Thanks

    1. prettychicnails

      Yes, the $9.95 is required for website maintenance, marketing materials, and resources.

  8. janemelinda

    I am beginning to have some interest in becoming a stylist because of how much I love the product. However, I don’t know many people that I would sell to. There’s just not that many people in my life that would buy sets from me and I don’t see how I would be successful. Is it even worth trying if you don’t already have a network of people you could potentially sell to?

    1. prettychicnails

      I would absolutely try it! I felt that way too but when I created my Facebook VIP group I was finding people who I didn’t think were interested. It takes some effort and patience and depends on how much time you want to invest. But you just never know until you try it and you have nothing to lose really because the kit is so amazing.

  9. Deonna Crowder

    When you are selling the inventory you have on hand, do you need to follow the buy 3 get 1 free?

    1. prettychicnails

      That is up to each stylist. You don’t have to.

  10. Dionne M Young

    Do you only have a blog or do you have a web page as well?

  11. Madi

    if you are selling inventory that you have on hand do you still get commision from it? How does it work if they pay by cash…etc.?

    1. prettychicnails

      If you are selling inventory that you have on hand, you would already have gotten commission when you purchased it.

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