Nail Polish Strips in Water. Are They Water Proof?

Now that summer and vacation time is in full swing, are you wondering how your 100% real Nail Polish strips are going to hold up while you’re swimming?

Here’s the scoop. I’m not aware of any official studies on the nail strips in swimming pools (chlorine water) or the ocean (salt water) BUT I have lots of testimonials from actual experience. Some my own and some others I’ve spoken to. So this is not the official word but rather words from those of us who have actually tried it. Keep in mind no guarantees can be made.

Salt Water

I spoke to one person who said she was at the beach and in the water daily for about a week and the nail strips held up well. Another person who was a scuba diver and said after 5 dives her nails held up better than regular polish or gels. A third person spent a weekend at a resort with a salt water pool and said her nails also stayed on really well. Lastly, I heard from someone who spent a week at a Florida beach and said her nails looked fabulous afterword.

Swimming Pool (chlorine) Water

For this, I can speak from my own experience. All of last summer and the first part of this summer, I have been in a swmming pool a minimum of 3-4 times a week. I always have nail polish strips on.  I’ve not noticed any difference at all as far as wear, peeling or discoloration. In other words, in my opinion and in my experience, going in the pool often does not affect the nail strips at all.

So although no official testing has been done on the nail strips to my knowledge, the  experience of those that have tried it in both the ocean (salt water) and chlorinated pools is that they have not discolored, chipped, cracked, or worn out faster. In fact, they seem to hold up really well in water.

With that in mind, I would always have a backup set of nail strips on hand if there was a special event planned where I wanted to make sure I had gorgeous nails. I would always recommend that anyway, water or no water. Because I like to have a back up plan for anything that is very important to me.  I hope these testimonials help answer some questions as we make plans for our summer vacations, cruises or just lounging by the pool.

Have a safe, fun, fabulous summer.

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As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or concerns.

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