How to Make Your Own Cuticle Oil

  • So you’re rocking that manicure but the ragged dried out cuticles are an eyesore. I never even paid much attention to mine until I started using the Nail Polish strips (full disclosure – I’m an Independent Stylist for Color Street). There are a couple things that can contribute to dry cuticles. If you are using acetone to remove nail polish for example. Or if you live in dry climate where your skin is dry all of the time anyway.
  • If you want to keep your nails healthy though, using cuticle oil consistently is important. You want to keep the skin around your nails hydrated and you should never cut them. The good news is that you don’t have to buy an expensive cream or oil. It’s easy and quick to whip up a cuticle oil at home with ingredients you already probably have in your kitchen or can purchase inexpensively on Amazon or from Trader Joe’s.
  • First you’ll need a small glass bottle or jar to hold your cuticle oil. You can use an old nail polish container or something similar. Just be sure to rinse the bottle out well and make sure that it’s clean and dry. You can also find them online or in some health food stores. A bottle with a medicine dropper top is even better because it makes it easier to apply just the right amount.
  • When you find a recipe you like, mix all of the ingredients together in the bottle and shake gently.
  • Lastly, if making your own cuticle oil is not your thing, then by all means buy it. Whether you make your own or purchase it, the important thing is that you use it regularly.

Here is a recipe I used before I got too busy and decided to purchase ready made cuticle oil. 

4oz of Jojoba oil

4oz of Vitamin E oil  

3 oz of Avocado oil

2 oz of Grapeseed oil.

  • You don’t need to use all of these and you can substitute what you have on hand, such as Olive Oil. The 2 most important ingredients are Jojoba and Vitamin E. The recipe makes a pretty large batch that should last awhile and may need more than 1 bottle depending on the size.
  • Once you have your oil ready, apply generously to your entire cuticle area and surrounding skin as often as possible and minimally at night time. Massage the oil it into your skin, one finger at a time. I put a good heavy hand cream on the rest of my hands and then put cotton gloves on. It’s a little weird to wear cotton gloves during the day so I only do that before I go to bed. Expect to see some dramatic results pretty quickly if you follow this routine daily.

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