5 Ideas I Learned and Love About Pinterest

Are you’re like me and have had a Pinterest account forever but never really did much with it? Turns out that while it can be a rabbit hole if you let it, there is also a ton of fun, free, and useful stuff to be had out there (did you hear me say free? yeah I like that). 

And you if you are a small business owner or direct sales marketer well, there’s even a lot more you can do. If you want a great online course to learn more about using Pinterest for your business there’s an awesome online course called “Winning with Pinterest- Epic Strategies for Direct Sellers”. I took the course so I’m not just saying it. I really learned a lot. 

Here Are the 5 Things I Learned and Love about Pinterest (IMHO)  

1.) Free Stuff – do a search on free stuff. Wow I just never thought of doing that. But you will get tons of hits. Companies want you to try their stuff so they will give it to you for free. I know this for sure because I am one of those that will send you a free sample. 

2.) Get Inspired – Are you planning a wedding, a birthday party, a 50th over the hill party? Are you redecorating? Planning a vacation? Want to redo your landscaping, need a new hairstyle? It goes on and on. Search Pinterest and start collecting pins for your project. Many of them will contain links back to a website where you can purchase the item if you want.

3.) Would you like some happy, funny or inspirational quotes for your facebook page? There are tons of them on Pinterest and so much easier to find them here then on other search engines. I’m not exactly sure why that is. It’s just one of the mysteries of the Universe that I am not going to question. 

4.) There is way less trolling and spamming behavior on Pinterest than other social media sites (another mystery). The search algorithm doesn’t penalize and there is no “jail”.  It’s not as much of a pay to play community as other sites are.

5.) Printables – Free Printables. Oh Em Gee Are you an office supply junky like me? Have you entered the age of electronics but still like to write on actual paper…with a pen? Would you like a checklist for cleaning, a meal planner, a student binder, a budget worksheet?  Or maybe you would just like to print a list of the things you can print? 

I would stick around and write more but I think you’ve got it and I have lists to print, and parties to plan, and free stuff to get. Oh and don’t forget the awesome Sassy Suite Pinterest- Epic Strategies for Direct Sellers if you are a direct seller. 

“Pretty Chic Nails” contains affiliate links.  This means I may get a small amount of payment when you click on a link and purchase the item.  Please know that I only link to products that I use or have used myself and that I know, love, and trust.

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