Post Pandemic Priorities

The pandemic forced many of us to stay home at least for a while. We also suddenly found lots of time to re-evaluate what’s really important in our lives.

Family, friendship, and faith are at the top of the list, as is love. (They kind of go hand in hand). We found new purpose and learned new things such as cooking, crafting, and how to play a new instrument. Some of us caught up on the things we could never find the time for before like reading, home improvement, and trying new recipes. (Ok I admit, I may also have binge-watched a few TV shows.) Others of us may even have put on a few extra pounds that we now regret.

The one thing that the pandemic made me realize is so very important is our health. So many of us take our health for granted until something life-changing happens.

Now more than ever, we want to live our best lives through nutrition, health, & overall wellness. If you’re wondering where to start, want to lose weight, or just feeling generally unhealthy, my friend Stacy Russell has an amazing, comprehensive blog that you can use as a resource and will help guide you. She’s spent countless hours researching and trying products that are less toxic so that you can focus on your well being. 

Stacy is also an Isagenix Independent Associate. If you’ve not heard of Isagenix, it’s a place to order high-quality products for your wellbeing.   

Take a peek at her blog here. 

Here’s a link to shop for Essential Oils, Hair Revival and Isagenix products. 

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